Albion Lodge No.9


Albion Lodge meet at Freemasons’ Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2 5AZ on the first Tuesday in January (Installation), April, October and November each year.

The Lodge has met at Freemasons’ Hall since 1937

Albion Lodge has met at the following venues since 1751

Plaisterers’ Arms, Little Gray’s Inn Lane 1751
Horseshoe in Ludgate Hill 1752
Red Lion, Dirty Lane, Long Acre 1754
Coffee House, London 1768
Castle Eating House, St. Michael’s Alley, Cornhill 1774
Antwerp Tavern, Threadneedle Street 1792
Sun, Foster Lane, Cheapside 1794
White Horse, Bartholomew Lane, Royal Exchange 1799
Crown, Stationers Alley, Ludgate Hill 1802
Abercrombie Tavern, Lombard Street 1804
Virginia Coffee House, Cornhill 1808
Antwerp Tavern, Threadneedle Street 1812
 King’s Head Tavern, Fenchurch Street  1818
 Hercules Pillar, Great Queen Street  1822
 St. Ann’s Coffee House, Dean Street, Soho  1825
 Coach and Horses Tavern, New Comptom Street  1827
 Bedford Head Tavern, Maiden Lane, Covent Garden  1828
 Bell Tavern. Pall Mall  1834
 Unicorn, Jermyn Street, Piccadilly  1839
 Star and Garter Tavern, Pall Mall  1844
 Unicorn, Marylebone Street, Piccadilly  1847
 Freemasons’ Tavern  1849
 Freemasons’ Hall  1865
 Freemasons’ Tavern  1872
 Regent Masonic Hall, Air Street  1874
 Freemasons’ Tavern  1877
 Freemasons’ Hall  1878
 Frascati Restaurant, Oxford Street  1906
 Grand Hotel, Charing Cross  1924
 Hotel Metropole, Northumberland Avenue 1929
Freemasons’ Hall 1937


Although Albion Lodge has met at Freemason’s Hall since 1937 we have held our Festive Board at many locations since 1937 and we propose to publish a list of locations of where we have dined at a later date