Albion Lodge No.9

Albion Chapter No.9

At an emergency meeting held at Freemasons Hall, Great Queen Street, on Tuesday 3rd September 1889, Bro. Harvey P.M. and Secretary proposed the following resolution, which was seconded by Bro. Hamlyn, J.W. and carried unanimously:

“Having been informed by the Grand Secretary that Mount Moriah Chapter which is at present attached to Albion Lodge No.9 is willing to be transferred to the Middlesex Lodge No.143, to which all its members belong, and that the Middlesex Lodge is also willing to have the said Chapter attached to it, and as the procedure will enable the Royal Arch Companions who are members of the Albion Lodge to petition Grand Chapter for a Chapter to be attached to this Lodge in which its members can receive the Royal Arch Degree, the members of the Albion Lodge hereby agree to the above named arrangement, and give their consent to a petition for a new Chapter being presented to Grand Chapter”

It was also agreed that the third Thursday in the months of February, April, September, and November should be the days of meeting.

The first Z was to be Bro. S. Valentine, P.M.

The first H was to be Bro. L.W. Harvey, P.M., Secretary

The first J was to be Bro. W.H. Holroyd, P.M.

It was proposed by Bro. Friend, P.M. and Treasurer, and seconded by Bro. Thompson and carried, that the three nominated Principles do undertake the necessary preliminary arrangements to obtain a Charter of Constitution, also to prepare and submit bye laws, obtain what furniture is necessary, and settle the place of meeting, etc.

The following relate to the Consecration Ceremony of the Albion Chapter No.9 held at the Ship and Turtle, Public House in Leadenhall Street London on the 22nd November 1889.

Present M.E. Comp. Shadwell H. Clerke, G.S.E., M.E.Z. Consecrating Officer, assisted by

M.E. Comp. F.B. Puchas, PGSB as H

M.E. Comp. Thos. Cockrane, PGSd.B as J

M.E. Comp. Frank Richardson, GDC as D.C.

Also, the following founders: –

Comp. S. Vallentine, M.E.Z, designate

Comp. L. W. Harvey, H. designate.

Comp. W. H. Holroyd, J, designate

Comp. Bradly

Comp. Friend.

Comp. Poupart.

Comp. Pritchard.

Comp. Bramham.

Also, nine visitors.

The Chapter was opened in due form by the Principals.

The Consecrating Officer then stated that they had met today to consecrate a Chapter under rather peculiar circumstances, for already had there been a Chapter attached to No. 9 but through some circumstances which it was not possible to explain, it had not been accessible to the Members of No 9, and when all that had been laid before him, he had endeavored to find a way over the difficulty, and their meeting today was the happy result.

This necessitated the Companion who held the Chapter No.9 to petition Grand Chapter to be severed from No.9, and to be attached to the Middlesex Lodge No.143, also the Middlesex Lodge to accept the Charter and the Albion Lodge to agree to the transfer. These several arrangements being accepted and sanctioned by Grand Chapter, the way was clear for Grand Chapter to grant the petition of the Albion Lodge for a new Chapter, and they would now proceed to carry out the edict of Grand Chapter with the Consecrating Ceremony.

The Consecration then took place in ancient form and the proceedings closed with the Patriarchal Benediction. There were nine founders and nine more were proposed as Exaltee’s at the next meeting with one joining member.